Yoga & Real Food With The Fam


ImageHappy summer! Did you start 100 Days of Crazy Healthy yesterday? It was a challenge for us to get started, because we were on vacation at the lake with some other families, but we did it! I was surprised that the girls really liked the tongue scraping and the lemon water. They have done sun salutations before, but it was really fun to practice them together with a family goal. I am also happy to report that I got up early to practice sun salutations with Hubby and the girls today, so we’re already done with Day 2. Yay!

No worries if you didn’t get to start the challenge with us yesterday. You can still start today, and make it 99 Days of Crazy Healthy! Start here. The point is to create new health habits, one day at a time, all summer long, so you will still benefit A LOT, even if you start one day late. To find the posts, type “100 Days” in the search box on my home page, or use the category cloud. I’ve posted the first 4 weeks so far, and will continue to post additional weeks as I get them written.

As you begin the journey, remember:

1) We already have everything we need to be healthy. No diets or trendy workouts needed, if we eat real food and practice resistance-based yoga every day.

2) Getting healthy is hard on purpose. Trust the struggle.

3) We are all leaders. Every choice we make informs the choices of the people around us. When we choose healthy habits, we inspire others to do the same.

4) Good health is the foundation for all of the other things we want in life, so we must make it a priority every day. Do whatever it takes to complete your mission.

5) You don’t have to do this alone. Invite a friend or family member to join you, and remember that I am here to help! Email any time with your questions.