Where The Eyes Go, The Mind Will Follow


Hello friends! I’ve missed chatting with you! Please accept my apologies for my absence.

I have been working around the clock at my new yoga studio, Westside Yoga in Atlanta, GA. We are a power yoga studio, on a mission to make yoga accessible and fun for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The turnout at our grand opening was unbelievable–over 100 people showed up! It was so much FUN! We have an amazing team of teachers, and awesome community of yogis, too. I am really proud of what we are building, and how it serves our community.

Check out the photos of our grand opening on the home page at westsideyoga.net, and come practice with us soon!

I am grateful for your support of this blog over the past few years, and look forward to connecting with you more often in the days ahead.

For today, I thought I would share a little yogic wisdom to help you start your week off right. Hold these thoughts close to your heart, and they will change your entire week.

MONDAY MANTRA: Where the eyes go, the mind will follow.

In yoga, a focused gaze, or “drishti” is an essential part of every pose. When we focus the eyes intentionally, we minimize the chatter in the mind, and grow stronger in our ability to control our thoughts, our breath and our movement.

When we are aligned in our gaze, breath, and movement, we feel like all is right with the world, and everything is possible.

And nothing is more blissful than that. ‪