Don’t Believe Everything You Think

It’s the thinking that gets me in the most trouble. Like last week, when I was on vacation with my family, and there were paths to hike and oceans to swim. The thinking told me that, as long as I was moving and exercising throughout the day–which I did–it would be ok to blow off my daily yoga routine. I’d just stretch a little, and practice a few standing poses and arm balances here and there, but I knew all along that it wouldn’t be enough. It’s the discipline of daily practice that grounds me, and there are no acceptable substitutes.

Why does my brain do that? Why does it completely ignore my truth, and tell me manipulative stories that get me in trouble? Or maybe the question should be…why do I believe it, when I know better? I should have met my mat every day–where there is a will, there is always
a way, even on vacation.

Neglecting my practice last week has caught up to me, in a big way. My neck is locked up, every muscle in my body hurts, I’ve lost some hard-earned flexibility, and I am struggling to get back in the yoga habit. I know I will get back to normal in a few days–I have been in this uncomfortable space before–but it makes me cranky and frustrated to have to fight so hard to reclaim my practice.

I wanted to share this as yet another reminder of why we must trust our struggles more than our stories. Every choice we make, every single day, affects our overall health. Our brains often get in the way, distracting us and making it seen impossible to make the right choice. But don’t let that voice fool you–it might be clever and tempting, but it is also where regret is born, and it can be overcome.

That’s what this crazy healthy life is all about–learning to let go of our attachments to the story, so that we may live in our truth. We already know what we need to do to be healthy and happy, so don’t let the thinking get in the way. Question everything and trust the struggles–what we want most is always waiting on the other side.

Thanks to my teacher, Steve Ross, for this reminder today. You inspire me in more ways than you will ever know. 


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