40 Days To Go!


There are 40 days left in 2013, and we have a choice to make. Will we embrace this crazy healthy life, and reject everything that gets in the way? Or will we fall back into old habits, only to regret our indulgences later?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have fun, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t enjoy the fabulous offerings of the season. It’s all good in moderation! We get a little sideways, though, when we are not intentional. So, make a plan now, as to how you will stay on track in these last few busy–and wonderful!–weeks of the year.

I’m offering help on the Facebook page for My Crazy Healthy Life, by posting “Power Poses” every day until the end of the year. These are the poses and sequences I do, when I am short on time, but need to squeeze in a workout. You can practice one each day, or string them together into a sequence, for a better workout. I suggest practicing for a few minutes each morning and night, but it’s ok if you can only manage once a day. Just do the best you can, and give yourself grace on the days that you can’t.

Crazy healthy is a lifestyle, and you don’t need a New Year to embrace it. All you need is today.

I hope you will join us, and let me know what else I can do to help you get crazy healthy before the year comes to a close!



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