Crazy Healthy Snacking

Healthy-Snacks-List-1Before I learned how to be crazy healthy, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which foods might help me lose weight, cure my headaches, and sleep better at night. I tried a million different diets. Most did not work. The few that helped me drop some weight were not sustainable, and I always wound up back where I started.

The one thing that finally did work for me, was applying lessons learned on my yoga mat to my relationship with food. The more intentional I became about fueling my body, and the more aware I became about my habits, the easier it became to make healthy choices.

I still struggled with snack time, however. Somehow, snacks seemed less important than breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I gave myself permission to “cheat a little”. The problem with cheating a little is that, for me, it almost always spirals into cheating a lot.

Even after I cleaned out my diet and went vegetarian in 2003, I still struggled with snacks for a few years. Until one day I realized that, by losing control at snack time, I was giving my power away unnecessarily. What would happen if I kept that power instead, and put it to good use?

Little by little, yoga helped me rethink my habits, and create new disciplines for snacking. I wrote about what I learned for My Yoga Scene last week, and thought you might find these lessons helpful. Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the article: The Yoga Of Healthy Snacking.

Also, you can learn more about my snacking habits, and share your favorites, on the Facebook page for My Crazy Healthy Life!




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