The Power of Possibility

As a wellness coach, I hear “I could could never” and “I can’t” all the time. In fact, I’ve heard it five times in the past 24 hours. Three times from friends, once from a client, and once from a complete stranger.

They say things like…

I can’t find time to exercise every day!

I can’t do yoga!


I could never give up bread!

The story is all about what is not possible, instead of what might happen, if we are willing to try. It makes me think that we are not very good at seeing ourselves clearly. Because, if we knew the truth about who we really are, we would know that we are all capable of really amazing things.

I’m just as guilty of doubting possibility as anyone else. For as much as I have conquered my attachments in my yoga practice and in my diet, I struggle with the I could nevers in other aspects of my life. Like right now, as I try to write my first book. Most days, it seems like a pipe dream.

Who am I to think that this is possible? I have to remind myself to examine my beliefs, and shift the conversation to Who am I, to not write this book? I have a story to tell, that will inspire people to live healthier and happier lives…why wouldn’t I share it?

It makes me wonder, at what point in our lives, do we trade possibility for status quo?

Kids don’t think this way. They think they can do anything and everything, until experience proves them wrong. Their favorite phrases are Why? and Could I?, and they don’t say things like I could never.

At ages 6, 8, and 9, our girlies are curious, eager, and adventurous. They want to know the truth about themselves, and about life. They try new things, like cartwheels and handstands, just to see if they can. They ask questions all day long–so many, that my brain almost always hurts by dinnertime. And they don’t give up on their dreams without a fight.

I’ve decided that, if the whys shape childhood, and the I could nevers shape adulthood, I don’t ever want to grow up.

I am certain that the whys of my adulthood led me cure my migraines, get back to my college weight after having three babies, and learn how to do really crazy yoga poses that I had only seen in magazines before this year. It reminds me that possibilities for our lives are only as limited as we think, and we bless ourselves by turning our I could nevers into why nots.


Fallen Angel Pose, July 2013

4 thoughts on “The Power of Possibility

  1. You may have seen this article by Kino MacGregor already but I just came across it today and it chimes well with what you say. I loved the article as we’ve been talking about the 10,000hours research on and off a lot with out teenagers over the last few years, to help them understand the effort that lies behind any true ‘talent’ – and it’s not a case of trying something for the first time and being brilliant at it, or giving up and never trying again!


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