Ten Reasons To Love A Fall Cleanse

It’s Day 4 of the Pranaful Fall Cleanse, and I feel amazing, and profoundly grateful for Meredith Klein. This is the second time I have cleansed with her, and I love it and her, more than ever before!

Here’s why The Pranaful Fall Cleanse is so awesome:

1) I don’t have to starve myself. We drink a yummy green juice in the morning, and enjoy kitchari for lunch, and dinner.

2) The food is delicious. It took me a few days to acquire a taste for green juices, but now I actually crave them. They give me so much energy, and it just feels good to fill our bodies with nutrients, first thing in the morning. Similarly, kitchari was new to me last spring, but now I look forward to it. There is something very healing and comforting about Meredith’s recipe…so much so, that it was hard to break my kitchari habit after the Spring Cleanse!

3) It’s convenient. We can download the recipes and instructions for the cleanse, start whenever we are ready, and keep the materials for future reference. Meredith cleansed with her students last week, but it was not a good week for me, so I started this past Monday. The cost for the materials is only $40, with $5 off if we enter the code “crazyhealthy”. This is an amazing deal, and I expect the price will go up next time, as her business grows…so don’t wait!

4) I don’t have to worry about what I will eat. It is comforting to not have to think about what I will make for dinner. I prepare a big pot of kitchari (basmati rice, mung beans, ginger, cumin, tumeric, and a few other yummy flavors!) on the first and third days of the cleanse, and reheat portions at meal time. If I want to change things up, I can roast some fresh veggies to add to the kithcari, or make some of Meredith’s recommended (and delicious!) sauces.

5) I can still work out. My energy dips a little in the first few days of the cleanse, but not so much that I can’t practice yoga. Sweating helps the cleansing process, so I love that I can do both at the same time.

6) Cleansing reminds me that food is just food. Sometimes I get so attached to the foods I love, that I forget to keep food in it’s proper place. It’s empowering to identify those attachments and release them, especially as the holiday season begins. It’s so much easier to say no to Halloween candy, when I am fresh off a cleanse!

7) Cleansing creates new healthy habits. I had never made green juice or kitchari before my first cleanse with Meredith. These days, however, I make green juice at least twice a week, and serve kitchari to my family for dinner. Putting food in its place helps me keep my weight in check, and my energy levels high.

8) Meredith is a great coach! She is incredibly helpful, and will answer any questions you might have–just check the Pranaful Fall Cleanse page on Facebook for more insights, or email her with your questions.

9) The cleanse includes powerful meditations and insights. Recordings of Meredith’s conference calls and meditations from last week are included with the cleanse, and can be accessed online at any time.

10) I feel amazing, and inspired afterwards. Cleansing makes me really, really happy. The first few days are difficult, but when I trust the struggle, wonderful things appear on the other side.

You can still register for The Pranaful Fall Cleanse. Check it out, and let me know how I can help you be successful. Trust me on this…cleansing with Meredith will change your life in the most empowering ways!



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