Top 10 Reasons To Join Me At The Southeast Yoga Conference

644591_313959722044836_1998231812_nThe first weekend in October is one of my favorites of the entire year. It’s when yogis from across the country gather in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, to practice yoga with some of the most respected national and local instructors, at the Southeast Yoga Conference. 

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with Nicole Jurovics, co-founder of the conference (Melissa Katz is also a co-founder), about how amazing this year’s conference is going to be. I really can’t wait, and wanted to make sure y’all know what it is, and why you should join me at The W Hotel Downtown, Oct. 4th-7th.

And remember, you can take one class, or take them all. It’s up to you. As I have said before, every little bit makes a difference.

Top 10 Reasons To Join Me At The Southeast Yoga Conference

10. You get to see what your favorite yoga instructors look like in real clothes, at the super-fun kick-off party on the top of the W Hotel (the view is breathtaking).


9. You can learn how to pronounce all of those crazy Sanskrit words.

8. Jim Bennitt will explain why tantra is not a sex ritual.

7. Brock and Krista Cahill will teach you how to fly. Seriously.

6. Jessica Ewart will teach you how to detox with Ayurveda (it’s so much easier than The Master Cleanse).

5. You can finally solve “The Mystery of The Core”, with the man who knows more about the anatomy of yoga, than anyone I have ever met–my teacher training mentor and great inspiration, Sean Tebor (that’s him below–have I ever told you how much I adore him?!!).


4. Local inspirations Isabelle Casey, Gina MinyardMarti Yura, Octavia Raheem, Rutu Chaudri, and Cheryl Crawford will be presenting. You really need to know them, if you don’t already.

3. It’s easier to get a hall pass for a yoga workshop than a girls/guys trip.

2. There’s no better way to learn a lot about yoga, in a short period of time, from people who “get it”, and can help you grow.

426328_313959485378193_62350205_nGina Minyard and Sarah Faircloth help Lisa “The Charmed Yogi” deepen her backbend

And the Number One Reason To Join Me At The Southeast Yoga Conference (drumroll, please):

1. “I regret spending the day practicing yoga” said no one, EVER.

I really, really hope to see you on your mat at The Southeast Yoga Conference. And if we haven’t met yet, please introduce yourself. I would love to know you.

You can register here.

Happy National Yoga Month, namaste, and most of all, stay calm and yoga on!


430383_313959615378180_95598110_nDavid Regelin assists Rachelle Knowles at the 2012 SE Yoga Conference

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