The Day Amy Learned To Fly

The one thing I forgot to mention about this yoga trip with my friend, Amy, is that she had never taken a yoga before before, when I invited her to join me.

Which is why were both caught off guard yesterday morning, when, Steve taught eight angle pose, and Amy got her feet off the ground right away. She was so surprised, and thrilled. It was truly awesome!

I was so happy for her. Even happier than when I figured it out for myself (which was just a few weeks ago). I could tell that she was enjoying the class, and starting to “get it”.

It reminded me of this quote:


Yoga teaches us that we can fly, even when it seems out of reach.

Amy flew yesterday, and you can too. Give it a try! Yoga always meets us wherever we are.

If you are not sure where to begin, to practice yoga, just start with what you already know, and practice that. Or refer back to my previous articles about yoga. Or send me a message with your questions, so I can help.

Happy National Yoga Month!




4 thoughts on “The Day Amy Learned To Fly

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you Amber for a truly amazing introduction to yoga. What a life changing trip and I am so happy to be spending it with you.


    • You are welcome, Amy! Thank YOU for being open-winded, and willing to try it all! You inspire me so much more than you will ever know.


    • Yay, Misty! You go girl! Send me a picture…I would love to post it. Your journey with yoga is so inspirational. I count you as one of the great blessings in my journey. xo


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