Cleansing And Juicing, The Crazy Healthy Way

photoIn January, I received an email from a wellness client named Carita, asking about cleanses. She was thinking about trying one, to help break some unhealthy habits.

In my reply, I told her that I don’t recommend cleanses.

“The only way to create sustainable wellness, in my opinion, is to commit to exercise every day, and eat a balanced diet. Change your mind about what you like and what you want. Increase veggie intake and stay away from sugar. It’s not easy, but you can do it.”

So, it’s no wonder she was confused when I started talking about the Pranaful Spring Cleanse last month!

Thankfully, Carita followed up and asked me about it, which led to an incredibly productive conversation (on Facebook, of all places) about the pros and cons of cleansing and juicing. I thought I would share it here, for those who might be interested:

Carita: What do you feel makes this cleanse different from others? We’ve talked about cleansing & I know previously you were opposed to cleanses.

My Crazy Healthy Life ॐ: I am still opposed to most commercial cleanses, because I think they are unbalanced, and too taxing on our system. I do, however, like the Pranaful Cleanse because 1) I know and trust Meredith Klein as someone who truly understands the use of food as medicine; 2) it is founded in ayurvedic principles that have helped me heal in the past; and 3) The Pranaful Cleanse allows us to eat throughout the day (instead of starving ourselves), according to our nutrition needs.

I finished the cleanse last month, but as you can see, it has inspired me to juice more, and include more grains and beans in my diet. As for other cleanses, I had never found one (until now) that seemed nutritionally sound. Many of the cleanses I hear about are really hard on the body (The Master Cleanse, for example), or include processed shakes and supplements that do not teach a balanced approach to whole food nutrition. All of that makes it really easy to go back to old habits after the cleanse…so why do it in the first place?

That is why I have not been a big fan of cleanses in the past…this was actually my first cleanse in ten years! Now that I found the Pranaful Cleanse, however, I will recommend it. I think it is well-balanced, and teaches us that a steady stream of potent nutrients can enhance our long term health. Hope that helps! Let me know if you still have questions.

Carita: Thanks Amber for your beautiful, detailed explanation!!! I completely agree with the sentiment about the Master cleanse. Recently, I started ‘blending’ as I call it, since I don’t currently own a juicer, which actually brings me to my next question…why strain what you blend if you are cutting out seeds, etc? I guess I should do some research but, I’ve never strained what I blend. I just consume it all and I actually love the pulp. To me, it gives more flavor and texture to the ‘blend’. What are your thoughts on this?

My Crazy Healthy Life ॐ: You are asking all of the right questions, Carita! Juicing does remove the pulp, and much of the fiber. It’s not something you should do every day, and it’s not a replacement for whole foods. The benefit of juicing is that it is a fast way to get a lot of phytonutrients, while giving your digestive system a rest.

Personally, I have found that juicing gives me a quick energy boost, and can prevent a headache or a cold from coming on (or at least not be as painful), if I juice soon enough. It’s also a great way to get a wide variety of nutrients and spices that you might not otherwise eat (dandelion greens, which are great for the liver, is an example of something I don’t eat often, but I always put in my juice). The pulp is full of great benefits, too, though, so it’s great if you want to include it in your drinks…it all depends on your reasons for juicing. Dr. Fuhrman talks about the downside of juicing in his book, Eat to Live, which is why I avoided it for so long. But, as I mentioned before, the Pranaful Cleanse taught me that, just like everything else, juicing can be a good thing, when done in moderation, and for the right reasons.

Carita: Thanks again for a wonderfully thoughtful, detailed response !!! Juicing, blending…I think like all things, we can each design a practice & make it our own, but I also know that it always helps to get all the facts on the table to know what is best for each individual. You have such a vast toolbox full of healthy knowledge! Thanks for indulging me & allowing me to pick your brain .


The bottom line is that our bodies require a lot of nutrients to operate efficiently. If you find a cleanse that, like the Pranaful Cleanse, is founded in whole food nutrition and time-proven scientific principles, then I say go for it. And if juicing every now and then means you consume more phytonutrients than you would otherwise, than that is a good choice as well. Nothing is black or white in this crazy healthy life…it’s all about creating and sustaining a balanced approach to nourshing our mind, body and spirit with exercise and proper nutrition.

I always enjoy hearing from you, so please share your questions and experiences in the comments below, or on Facebook at My Crazy Healthy Life.


2 thoughts on “Cleansing And Juicing, The Crazy Healthy Way

    • That is awesome! Let me know if you have questions, or if I can help in any way. And BTW, I love your attitude and enthusiasm for fitness. Keep up the great work!


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