FREE Online Spring Cleanse


I met Meredith Klein three years ago, when she cooked for us at a yoga retreat with Steve Ross in Ojai, CA. I watched in awe, as she lovingly prepared ayurveda-inspired dishes throughout the weekend. The food was beautiful, delicious, and inspiring.

When I returned home from that retreat, I felt amazing. I’m certain it had as much to do with the yoga, as it did with Meredith’s perfectly balanced meals.

Since then, I have followed Meredith’s business, Pranaful, and emailed her when I need inspiration. She is always quick to respond, and brilliant in her replies. I have incorporated many of her recipes into my regular routine, and especially love her garlicky kale chips and cashew creams.

So, I was thrilled when I heard that Meredith is offering a free online spring cleanse, beginning this Sunday. Please check it out, and join me, in what promises to be an inspiring experience. I will write about the cleanse in a future blog post, and would love to feature your stories, so please let me know how it goes.

Happy cleansing!


8 thoughts on “FREE Online Spring Cleanse

  1. This looks great! I’ve been thinking about doing a kitchari cleanse and to have some guidance and support for optimal success is exactly what I need. I’ve signed up and can’t wait. Thanks for the heads up!


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