The Naked Truth

I find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Today, it’s from Congressman Frank Underwood, the corrupt House Majority Whip played by Kevin Spacey on House of Cards, who observes:

“There is no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than a flood of naked truth.”

He’s referring to a political manipulation that called for unexpected, and shocking revelations, but it made me think…

That’s exactly what keeps us from getting healthy!

The trickle of doubt that invades our journey to crazy healthy. Repetitive thoughts: “Just this one won’t hurt” or “I don’t have time to exercise” and “I can’t do that!”. Bad habits and patterns, that we think we can’t break.

Is any of it founded in truth?

Of course not! The reality is that we are all essentially the same at our core. Most of us wrestle with a constant trickle of doubt. It gets under our skin, and infects our lives. And we secretly hope for a flood of naked truth to wash it all away.

So, for those who think they are ready to embrace this crazy healthy life, here’s the naked truth about what it entails:

1) Letting go of attachments. It’s human nature to be attached–it starts the moment we are born, with attachment to the loving arms of a parent, and grows for the rest of our lives. We become attached to emotions, experiences, behaviors, people, and outcomes. Sometimes attachments serve us, but they often get in our way. Learning to identify attachments, and rejecting the ones that don’t serve us, is essential.

2) Cultivating awareness. How many times have you devoured a sandwich, without really tasting it? Or met someone new, and realized you don’t know their name, five minutes after you met? We miss a lot of critical information when our attention is everywhere but the present moment. On the contrary, when we pay attention, we learn. Knowledge is power! Cultivating awareness is a natural driver of crazy healthy habits.

3) Changing attitudes. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy, and getting healthy can often feel like a part-time job. The work, however, is a lot more enjoyable if we approach it with curiosity, hope, and expectation, rather than dread and self-doubt. Stay positive, and believe that anything is possible.

4) Committing to action. Every decision, and action taken, adds up to the sum and total of your health. Make a plan for success, with daily commitments, and stick to it. As Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

Most of all, remember that every day, and every choice, matters. Each moment is an opportunity to do better, and be better. Let go of self-doubt, and seek the naked truth. Pretty soon it will overpower anything and everything that gets in the way of your crazy healthy life.


One thought on “The Naked Truth

  1. Great post! It is amazing how many of us believe the Truth is to good to be true, especially regarding our potential. I wrote a piece called “Free Yourself” on my blog that should enjoy. Thanks as always for sharing!


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