The Avocado Pudding Party


Instead of the usual after school snack yesterday, the girls and I had a pudding party. Not just any pudding party, but a crazy healthy avocado pudding party. And they thought it was the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread.

It might sound decadent, but it really wasn’t. Avocados are full of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They actually rank pretty high on Dr. Furhman’s Nutritarian Food Pyramid (love him!), which means they are nutrient-dense, and an important part of a crazy healthy diet. The other ingredients we used for the basic pudding were also full of phytonutrients. As far as I’m concerned (and I think Dr. Fuhrman would agree), this basic avocado pudding is a guilt-free indulgence.


So here’s how we did it: my eight-year old beat three medium ripe avocados with approximately 3 T. raw cacao, 2 or 3 T. local honey, 1 T. unsweetened almond milk (you can substitute soy or coconut milk) and a healthy pinch of sea salt, to make a basic avocado chocolate pudding. Sometimes I add a little vanilla for taste as well. *

I separated the pudding into small bowls, and then we all got creative with mix-ins. I wanted the girls to be invested in the final product, so I let them pick the flavors.

The end result was peppermint chocolate pudding, banana chocolate pudding, strawberry chocolate pudding, cinnamon chocolate pudding, and peanut butter chocolate chip pudding. This is what it looked like after they devoured it all (don’t you love the cute little signs my daughter made?).

photo copy 2

We tried to vote on the best flavor, but couldn’t come to a consensus. My eight year old loved the peppermint, my seven-year old preferred the peanut butter chocolate chip, and my five-year old loved the cinnamon. Personally, I thought banana chocolate pudding was the best. I also thought that raspberries would taste better than strawberries, and will try that next time.

The best part of the avocado pudding tasting party was that the girls and I had fun experimenting in the kitchen with crazy healthy foods, and they’re already begging to do it again. And that makes me really happy, because it means I now have even more opportunities to help them create crazy healthy childhood memories.

Note: I use less cacao, milk and honey than most recipes you might find because I think it’s healthier that way, but you can add more if you think you need it.


2 thoughts on “The Avocado Pudding Party

  1. Lovely! They will grow up cooking and eating well and having fun with it, too. Think I’d go for banana or raspberries too… or, what about blueberries?
    We sometimes can’t get avocado here, let alone cacao. *sigh*


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