Who Doesn’t Love A Chocolate Covered Strawberry?

Last month, I posted some crazy healthy ideas for satisfying a sweet tooth. The one I neglected to mention is my absolute favorite: chocolate covered strawberries. As much as I love them for dessert, I also love giving chocolate covered strawberries as gifts. People appreciate them because they seem decadent, but they really aren’t.

They’re crazy healthy because strawberries and chocolate are both rich in phytonutrients, and together they are the perfect combination of sweet and bitter (this is why dark chocolate tastes best; it’s more bitter; it’s also the healthiest choice for chocolate because it is lower in sugar, and good chocolate is often dairy-free).

It’s fairly simple to make chocolate covered strawberries, but there is definitely an art to the dipping process. Here’s what you need:

1) A double boiler

2) A large bag of dark chocolate chips or several dark chocolate bars

3) Coconut oil or paraffin wax to harden the chocolate (food grade, used for canning–available at most grocery stores, usually in the baking section, but sometimes by the paper plates)

4) Strawberries, washed and dried

5) Cookie sheet, covered in wax paper

Melt 1 large bag of chocolate with  1T. coconut oil in the double boiler over low heat, stirring frequently. Be patient–if chocolate heats too fast, it gets grainy.

Be sure to use enough chocolate to submerge the strawberries. This usually means using more than you think you need!

Leftover chocolate can be used for dipping other fruits or making homemade snack bars with nuts, honey and fruit (just like KIND Bars).

Use a cocktail fork to skewer the strawberry, or hold the berry by the stem (if it is solid). Only dip 3/4 of the strawberry, for appearance sake.

After dipping each berry, give it twenty seconds to drip and cool, before placing it on the wax paper.

Refrigerate dipped berries for thirty minutes before assembling on a plate. Wrap with cellophane or plastic wrap and a red ribbon. The perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, kids and sweethearts.

Wishing everyone much love, and a crazy healthy Valentine’s Day! THANK YOU for joining me on this journey!

Photo: http://www.foodnetwork.com

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