5 Tips For Boosting Immunity Naturally

These days, many people are spending more money than ever, on supplements for better health. The thing the drug companies don’t want us to know, though, is that we don’t have to spend a lot of money to get healthy and stay healthy. We already have everything we need within us. Here’s six tips for boosting immunity and recovering from illness naturally:

1. Scrape tongue upon waking. This is an ancient ayurvedic practice for removing ama, a toxic by-product of digestion, that is harmful if swallowed. A tongue scraper or spoon can be used to clean the tongue, front to back.

2. Rinse sinuses with saline. This simple practice is also derived from Ayurveda. Saline rinse removes bacteria from the sinus cavity, and helps clear colds and viruses from the sinuses and back of the throat, where they tend to linger and create infections. You can buy neti pots, or sinus rinse kits at most drug stores.

3. Drink warm lemon or lime  water. Lemon and lime juices stimulate the digestive system, boost energy, and  increase immunity with the power of vitamin C.

4. Practice yoga. The flowing movements of asana (yoga poses) encourage movement of lymphatic fluid within the body. Lymphatic fluid is responsible for clearing toxins from our blood, but it needs encouragement to do its job, so we must move frequently and purposefully to stay healthy. This is why full body movement and lymphatic massage, in the form of asana, help expedite the healing process. Yoga also boosts immunity by encouraging deeper breathing that oxygenates the blood.

5. Practice self-massage with natural oils. This practice, known as abyhyanga, has been around for thousands of years, as a natural immunity booster. Self-massage and cleansing with oils is excellent for our health, helps restore our skin’s natural glow, and is a lot cheaper than commercial soaps and lotions. Before showering, cover the body with unrefined sesame or coconut oil, and apply pressure as you massage the entire body, paying special attention to the lymph nodes. Rinse with warm water afterward, and blot dry.

All of these little tricks are natural, simple and inexpensive to add to your daily routine. Give them a try, and remember that the most important strategy for long-term, sustainable wellness is a diet rich in whole foods, and daily resistance-based exercise.



2 thoughts on “5 Tips For Boosting Immunity Naturally

  1. Love this! As well as hot lemon water and nasal rinsing, I stopped dairy for good. Life long allergies and sinus went away. Also wheatgrass shot every morning when you feel sinus/cold/infection coming on….greens :)! I haven’t been sick in 3 years. Good luck and happy holidays!


    • Thanks, Diana! I really appreciate your feedback, and I’m happy to hear that you are feeling well! I am dairy-free, too, and it makes a huge difference. I’ll write more about that one day soon. Happy holidays!


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