For the Love of Pomegranates

Have you ever peeled a pomegranate? I never had, until a few years ago. My kids tasted some at a friend’s house, and loved it. They wanted more (yay!), so of course I bought half a dozen the next day. And then I realized that it took forever to peel them, I didn’t want my kids to get juice all over themselves, and I don’t have a lot of patience for messy, time-consuming food prep.

So I stopped buying pomegranates, even though they are a crazy healthy snack that my kids love. Until last December, when my friend, Meredith Klein* at Pranaful, posted the Illustrated Guide for No-Mess Pomegranate Prep.

Absolutely brilliant! Her method works like a charm, protects us from staining our clothes, and keeps my kids busy with healthy activity. Thanks to Meredith, we are buying and eating pomegranates again. They are still more expensive, and a bit more work than say, an apple. But I feel good about the time and money invested, because pomegranates add powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to our diets. They also look really beautiful in the fruit bowl, just waiting to be peeled.tumblr_lvlpeqH2rp1r37nv8

Photo: Meredith Klein at

*Meredith just returned from an amazing three-month adventure abroad earlier this week. Her blog and business were on a short hiatus, but follow her blog anyway–what comes next is sure to be amazing!

One thought on “For the Love of Pomegranates

  1. Sean Barry says:

    I’ll be the first to validate that kids just love the Pomegranate Snacks. It is amazing how fun and unique food can open up your eyes to being “healthy” as a fun way of life versus a burden of bummer. Thanks to my crazy wife…I mean crazy healthy life wife. 🙂


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