Breakfast of Champions

I eat veggies for breakfast. In fact, this is what I ate this morning:


Is that strange? I can’t tell anymore. I have been at this crazy healthy thing for so long, that veggies for breakfast seems normal. I actually prefer it to my former favorites: bagels, cereals, and eggs. Which is proof that changing our diet starts with changing our minds.

Replacing cereal with vegetables was an adjustment, for sure. I started with quinoa, and pretended it was cereal. I played around with cinnamon, curry, and other savory spices, and added dried fruits and nuts when appropriate. It was fun, and tasted yummy.

One day, I decided that roasted veggies might be good, too. Asparagus is kind of a breakfast food, right? That was yummy, too.

And then, I woke up with a cold one morning, and what I really wanted, more than anything, was kale with garlic and onion. It made me feel much better. And my love of veggies for breakfast grew from there.

I kept experimenting, and pretty soon, nothing was off limits. Brussel sprouts, okra, broccoli…you name it…veggie dishes became my breakfast of champions.

I learned to double my dinner recipes, so there would be enough left over for breakfast. It turns out that my homemade black bean burgers taste pretty darn good with a cup of green tea. Who knew?

Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Veggies are delicious when prepared properly. Most taste wonderful when simply roasted or sautéed with a lot of garlic and onion, plus a little maple syrup (or honey), salt and pepper. Plan ahead, so you can reheat, instead of cook from scratch, in the mornings. The more you practice this crazy healthy habit, the easier it becomes, and the better you will feel.


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